Is this the Future of computing?

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Promising a 'quantum leap in performance', HP Lab's vision for computing technology, named 'The Machine' is both revolutionary and mind-blowing.Their aim is to explore how technology and services can help people and companies address challenges and realize possibilities, aspirations and dreams. With 'The Machine', HP may just deliver on that manifesto. With the potential to do away with massive servers by indexing in the cloud, The Machine will also reduce energy use massively and, it pledges, increase security.We're most impressed with how science & physics are becoming besties with tech. These promised advances will definitely change the way we compute.The Machine, which will be capable of processing 160 petabytes (that's 160 MILLION Gigabytes) in 250 nanoseconds. It is planned for a 2018 release.[embed][/embed]

Good things can sometimes take times...