The Geeky Place - God of Wars Best Review.

I'm a gamer, otherwise known as a man-child.It's a well-known fact here in the office I love gaming, in the very little spare time I have (I also love zombie movies, anything Star Wars and pretty much anything that makes my wife's eyes roll). So when I am interested in a game, I like to check out the reviews to make sure I am getting bang for my buck.Enter videogamedunky. This guy pushes out no-nonsense reviews of new games and does not hold back. Which doesn't always work in his favour as brands are a bit hesitant to send him anything to review in case he tears it to shreds. His take on the latest God of War is informative, yet he gives it a good bollocking where needed.Check out his review below, I'll be purchasing this bad boy for sure.[embed][/embed]

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