July 3, 2017

Why would alcohol brands worry about the problems in the world?

Because it engages! When executed well, meaningful ads go viral as people love sharing what they believe in on social media. Heineken’s politically flavoured ad “Worlds Apart: An Experiment” was released on the 20th of April and has already gained more then 6.5 million views on youtube.

This ad was released soon after Pepsi’s disastrous “Worlds Apart” ad in which model Kendall Jenner brings protesters and police together with a can of Pepsi. AdWeek wrote: “Hey Pepsi, here’s how it’s done. Heineken takes on our differences, and nails it.”

So what’s the key in generating positive coverage in the media? It’s all about having a neutral, open minded attitude. Whereas Pepsi pretends to have the solution to some of the most prominent problems in the world (a soft drink!), Heineken suggests that we need to start engaging with each other about things that matter in a more friendly and relatable approach. It’s not trivialising or advocating what’s right and wrong, instead it leaves space for people with all kinds of opinions. Heineken’s ad shows that the brand understand its target audience.

Authenticity is another crucial element. In response to people’s skepticism on how realistic the commercial is, Heineken responded by tweeting that there was no acting involved, the ad features “real stories”. Pepsi’s ad on the other hand is sensational, overly optimistic and frivolous.

With a constant supply of funny, creative and politically engaging commercials from the brand, we look forward to what Heineken comes up with next. But for now, hats off!