3 Reasons to use animated videos

We are bombarded with lots of information in our day to day lives. So when you’re trying to convey a message to your audience there are two things to keep in mind. First, your post needs to grab people’s attention immediately. Second, it needs to convey information quickly and in an easily understandable way. This is where animated video can help. It is an engaging and very cost effective medium that easily get your key points across. Here I’ve listed what I think are the 3 main benefits.

  1. You can visually represent complex ideas

One of the main perks of using animated video is that you can basically represent anything you like. Live videos, images or text can be quite restrictive. Animations on the other hand, lets your characters talk, fast forward back and forth through time, zoom in and out and basically defy all laws of nature. Hence it’s a good way of showing how complex things work. TED-ed has taken animated infographics to the next level, have a look if you’re in need of some good examples of how to explain difficult ideas.

This is one of the animated infographics we created to quickly and clearly explain the benefits of adding paid Instagram advertising to your online strategy.[embed][/embed]

  1. It’s psychologically appealing

The human brain loves colourful, moving images. So, if you want to connect emotionally with your audience, animations are worth investing in. Videos are way more entertaining than static posts and are therefore much more likely to be shared. It adds a whole layer of creativity because you can include as many characters as you like, drag props around and switch between backgrounds smoothly. This means that you can trial several options and see what works best to get your message across. It allows you to add a personal touch that nicely represents the brand and mindset of your company.

  1. It’s easy to produce & cost effective

Companies often don’t have large budgets to shoot videos. And we all know those poorly executed “company videos” that make us cringe. One of the main benefits of animations is that you don’t have to worry about things such as the location of your shoot, the actors, props, equipment, post production etc. You just need a fraction of this effort to create a perfect animated explainer video. All you have to do is write the script, create a storyboard and record a voice over (easily outsourced if needed) and you’re on your way to your first animated video!

Updating old content can be quite challenging for a company, and as a result a lot of produced content goes to waste. Animated videos give you much more flexibility as these are super easy to update. You can add or change text or edit animations in a manner of seconds. Plus the turn around time is generally super quick, which means you can pump out one video after another.

animated video

To sum up, animated videos are easy, entertaining, and a great way to suck in your audience. If you’d like to discuss some options for your business, don’t hesitate to send us a message :).

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