Another Facebook Hoax

Yet another Facebook hoax has hit our feeds in an effort to bleed innocent people of their hard earned cash. So to all those Facebook users out there be careful of a new hoax that encourages you to share a received message with another 20 friends in order to say active.

Hoax Slayer has issued a report on the latest round of hoax messages, which claim to come from “the Facebook Company,” and appear to be aimed at prodding users to call a phone number that likely belongs to a scammer or telemarketer. Why there are people out there that do this we will never know.Hoax Slayer had this to say about the latest hoax -"According to this message, which purports to be from “the Facebook Company,” you must send the same message on to 20 people to “stay active.” The message warns that your account will be disconnected if you do not send the message as instructed. It also advises you to call a listed customer support number if you suspect that the message is fake.Of course, the message certainly is a fake, and a quite crudely rendered fake, at that. It mirrors a number of earlier hoaxes that claim that Facebook or another online service will terminate your account if you do not send a message to a specified number of people.Any message that makes such a claim is certain to be a hoax. No legitimate company is ever likely to ask users to prove that they are active by sending on a silly message.This version may be a rather lame attempt to trick gullible recipients into calling a scammer or telemarketer.Searches on the listed number indicate that it comes from Wichita, Kan. I have placed several calls to the number, but always received a busy signal. Contact analytics website lists the number as “not safe”, a label that indicates that a number is a “problematical contact.”Perhaps the dumbest part of this hoax is the implication that you can actually call Facebook “support” and get a human support person to answer.If you receive this silly hoax message, do not share it with others. Let the sender know that the claims in the message are nonsense. And don’t call the number.On the subject of people taking the piss on Facebook and trying to scalp you of your hard earned cash. I have a friend who had his Facebook profile duplicated and the person who took his Facebook identity started to private message all of his friends.Here is how one of my genius friends handled the hoax with pure hilarity.

Facebook Hoax

Source - Ad week, Social Times & Hoax SlayerRhys Morrow - Social Ninja

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