Ever had a tingle go viral?

Well, we just did. In a good way.As part of our regular community conversation with followers and fans of our client Original Source's Facebook Page, our turbo-powered Social Media Ninja, Rhys Morrow reacted with his trademark speed and on-brand wit when he saw this comment from a fan with a burning issue:

Dear original source australia after buying a bottle of your mint and tea tree body wash. I began to wash my private parts, i started to notice a sudden light tingling on my ballsack witch withing 30 second had truned it to a light burning as i started to wash the body wash off it had occurred to me that the burning feeling had spread to my other private parts including my asshole and foreskin. Alltho now my balls smell like a peppermint slice it was not worth trying to wash my balls off in the sink with cold water for 5 minutes ... Just a head up for further conplants yours truly Hugh Glashoff

[Hugh's typo's, not ours ]

Facebook Post Burning Balls

Never one to miss a beat (in this case, literally), Rhys responded to Hugh's tender plight in the friendly, authentic and fun-loving voice that he's perfected over the two years we've been speaking on behalf of OS on their social platforms. He nailed it:

"Cheers for the in-depth message Hugh. Our Mint & Tea Tree definitely has some TINGLE to it. We're sorry to hear about your nether regions. We do recommend not to leave on your privates for too long. How can we make it up to you. Maybe a different flavour?"
Original Source Mint Response

Well, it went nuts.At time of publishing this post, it's had over 26,000 likesOver 12,000 commentsand over 3,000 sharesRhysy's response has had over 15,000 likes in itself(and OS has had over 1,400 page likes from it so far)It's also been picked up by the Daily Telegraph, (home pages of both), and as we type, on The LAD Bible.

Viral Post Burning Balls

Now Original Source are well aware that their very popular and rather tingling Mint & Tea Tree shower gel is somewhat, ahem, disruptive. It's a common topic of discussion on their social platforms and in posts such as this. It certainly gets the fans creatively describing their shower experiences and inquisitive purchasers eager to see what the fuss is about.What we love about Original Source is that, as a fun, straight-talking, loud & proud brand, they are willing to adopt new methods of reaching out to their core consumers. In having real-time, authentic conversations with the likes of Hugh and his tingly bits, we're giving people a chuckle, a story to tell and above all, making the product memorable.

“It’s the latest example of the way businesses big and small are increasingly using humour to respond to customer complaints on social media.... In this case, he made a complaint but he did it in a joking way. So it’s appropriate in that case to follow the tone set by the consumer. But they did do the right thing in that they dealt with it seriously as well by saying how can we make it up to you. Had they not done that, then that would have been a fail.”
Good things can sometimes take times...