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It seems scripted by a Hollywood writer with thing for homonyms.

New Beach sends Facebook Marketing monkey,  me, (also know as Noo) to the Los Angeles Agency EXPO, held at NeueHouse on Sunset Boulevard. 

New. Noo. Neue. Who knew?

As an accredited Facebook Marketing Partner, it’s a buzz to make use of the benefits of our long-term relationship… the longest I’ve ever been in, now I think of it.

For more than 8 years now, New Beach has been creating compelling campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, for some big brands (and small businesses) in Australia and beyond. 

We’ve also spent a truckload of coin on those ads for our clients, so it was a welcomed invitation to go on our first official date here in Hollywood. It’s the opportunity to attend workshops showcasing Facebook’s newest marketing tools and consult 1:1 with their experts. 

In a breakout session called ‘Demystifying the Auction’, it was discussed how ad placements balance value for people with value for business:

  • keep the user experience in mind across the entire customer journey
  • don’t over-narrow audiences. Set fewer constraints and only confine the audience when there is justification to do so
  • with good creative, we can ‘back into’ targeting

Throughout the expo, there was certainly an underlying tone of the Facebook Marketing Partners programme  'preaching to the converted’, but I will say, that it’s reassuring to know that there are third-party measurement partners involved to verify cross-channel attribution and engagement stats, ensuring that Facebook is not grading its own homework.

All in all, it was valuable for New Beach to be in attendance at the Facebook Marketing Partners Expo in L.A this year.  Primarily, to learn best practices and new tools that we can apply to our brands’ campaigns, but also to know that Facebook have our backs with their Agency First approach.

As an accredited Marketing Partner, be assured that New Beach is at the forefront of best practices, new ad tools and the very latest techniques in campaign solutions to elevate your exposure across Facebook, Instagram and the wider audience networks.

Get in touch with us to see how we can apply these mad skillz to your brand.

Good things can sometimes take times...