Hotel Brunswick Classic Brew | Charity on Tap with Paul Hogan and John Cornell

Hotel Brunswick have just launched their "Classic Brew" a beer in collaboration with Seven Mile Brewery, compelled by the recent devastation of the Australian bushfires to raise money for charities. At New Beach Co. we were lucky enough to be involved in the process from the start; creating a microsite from scratch and some Behind-the-Scenes and Making-Of clips of the heavily PR'd TVC created.

Hotel Brunswick Classic Brew Paul Hogan & John Cornell


After working with Hotel Brunswick for 18 months assisting with their content and digital marketing strategy, we were stoked when they approached us about a hush-hush, juicy project to sink our teeth into. "We want to launch a beer brand with the ethics of donating the profits to the Fireys.” they said. "Shit yeah", we said. Initially briefed to make a launch video for the Hotel Brunswick website, our creatives presented two options - A doco-style voice-driven short, or an edgier, more humorous TVC style spot.

Within a week, both were on the table, and the TVC was becoming bigger than Croc Dundee’s knife. The big guns of the Byron Arts community were bought in, all directed by Justin McMillan, taking the reigns of this Hollywood-style shoot, while New Beach Co. darted around creating the “making of the beer” short, and a video looking “behind the scenes” of the TVC shoot, which included some of Australia’s most iconic TV veterans.

With everything coming to life, merch was made, a micro-site built by our in-house tech team, an organic and paid launch strategy put in place across TV, traditional media and web, to not only drive traffic, sales and data acquisition, but also foot traffic to the pub, driving sales of the charity tap.

A massive congrats to the whole New Beach and Hotel Brunswick teams, for getting everything live in such a short timeframe. Safe to say, if you haven’t seen it already, you’ll be seeing it everywhere shortly.

Dave Keam

Web Build

The New Beach Co. design and development crew worked with The Hotel Brunswick marketing team on the Classic Brew microsite. The outcome is a custom WordPress site which had to be designed and built in under 2 weeks. Although the site structure is simple, attention was paid to the detail and cross-device functionality. 

Knowing that the site could be flooded with traffic we worked on creating a custom hosting solution to ensure the site could cope with a large volume of traffic. Our team was really happy being involved in a project that is about beer and helping raise funds for our volunteers. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

We hope you enjoy the site, the content and the beer:)

James Gourley

Production - Behind the Scenes Film & The Making Of Film

We were briefed on creating a behind the scenes film from the TVC to be filmed. Upon arriving at the Hotel Brunswick Head pub at dawn, we were met by a hive of activity, big lighting trucks, film crew bustling about rigging lights, setting up cameras and getting the set design ready.

As the first clapper board was clapped and action called you could feel the nerves and excitement amongst everyone, it was a deja vu to see the three screen legends Strop, Rosie and Hoges all together again reunited in-front of the lights and cameras creating comedy once again.

Beers were poured and styled and scenes were rehearsed. Multiple camera angles made sure to capture the magic. After several hours of hard work it was a wrap and the local regulars who had been used as movie extras in the commercial all shared a well deserved cheers.

Sebastian Lundmark

Watch the TVC, and have a squiz at the 'Making Of' clip.

Visit the Hotel Brunswick Classic Brew site to view the behind the scenes film.

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