Instagram's New Update. What do you want?

New Beach Media-Instagram update post

With the new Instagram update to be released by the end of the year, I think the question needing to be asked is “what do Instagram users want”?According to a report from GigaOM’s (well placed sources), private messaging features are what we have to look forward to. Not to mention a group messaging function thrown in there too.Here at New Beach Media we find there are always things we would like to see on social media, and Instagram is no exception. While I love the platform I think it could use a few features that would at least make my user experience better if not easierThings I’d like to see in the new update:

  • The addition of a switch user function would make life just that little bit easier. I'm using any number of Instagram accounts for clients at any one time. This function would eliminate logging in and out and remembering passwords.
  • A repost function. No more screenshots, reposting yourself or using a reposting App. Just one button to rule them all.
  • A hashtag tracking function. Save your favourite hashtags and get notified when someone has used it.

With all the possible things Instagram could add in the coming update we’re pretty excited to see what Instagram has for us all for Christmas!Rhys MorrowSocial Media & Digital PR Dude

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