Introducing The World's First Action Sports Smartwatch

The evolution of wearable smart technology is enabling us to stay connected like never before! Purposely built for surf and snow, Nixon with the help of pro team-riders have developed the world's first action sports smartwatch "The Mission". Powered by Google Android, this groundbreaking durable smart technology is paving the way for ultimate functionality that can withstand the elements in any environment.Along with displaying live surf and snow forecast information which updates in real-time as conditions change, it is also a complete smartwatch platform which allows the user to fully customise its functionality and features by installing 3rd party apps. To set up, you simply download the Android Wear app to your Android or iOS smartphone, and pair the Mission in a few quick steps. Trace technology also allows users to track sessions and easily view stats during activity.According to Nixon's product manager Nick Everist, "We needed a watch that could keep up with us no matter where our days took us. In the ocean, on the snow, in the office, or a night out. Standard smartwatches are super delicate, and definitely can’t keep up with our lifestyle. The Mission is an all-terrain vehicle for the wrist. It's the only 10atm / 100 meter smartwatch – built with super tough materials, solid stainless steel, fiber re-inforced nylon, and super thick Gorilla Glass."Watch the clip below to see the next generation smartwatch in action.[embed][/embed]Source - Magicseaweed

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