The new shopper: content-driven Millennials

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are those born anywhere between the early 80s and late 90s. Most of us (I’m one of them) hardly remember those dark ages pre-internet and this significantly influences our consumer behaviour. This generation contributes to more than 21% of the entire consumer purchases. It is therefore important that brands and companies understand the way Millennials shop, communicate and engage.Research shows that 25% of 25-34 year olds share updates and experiences on social media either daily or several times a week. This includes sharing information about products and brands. It is important to point out that this content is no longer received passively. In fact, studies show that a high percentage of shoppers search and buy goods online while being physically in a store! This is why both the type of content and timing matters.

Here are 3 things brands should keep in mind when targeting Millennials online

1. Make it trust-worthy

99% of Millennials report that their shopping behaviour is not influenced by traditional ads. Content from influencers on the other hand, is much more effective! This kind of content is viewed about 7 times longer than the old-school digital ad. On top of that, 47% of people consult blogs to stay up to date with trends and ideas and a further 92% trust these recommendations when it comes to purchasing products. Hence, brands should put a large focus on influencer content as this creates brand loyalty and as a result, increases conversions.

2. Make it share-worthy

Millennials actively search the web before making a purchase. But where do they find the required info? Data indicates that the number one source is social media (55%) followed by Google and Amazon. Compared to other demographics, these guys are more than twice as likely to share branded content. Especially when its engaging, clever and relatable. To maintain a competitive edge, brands should target this savvy audience by making content captivating and easily shareable across all online channels.

3. Make it view-worthy

Millennials are time poor and on the look for instant gratification. They expect fast, comprehensible and accessible content. To deserve a few seconds of their attention, make sure messaging is original and personalised. Focus on the optimisation of the customer’s shopping journey. Checkout must be simple, delivery should be fast and ideally free.Are you convinced that those Millennial are worth pursuing but are you not too sure how to create meaningful content? Our digital content specialist Jess will be able to tell you all about it!

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