Nixie - The Drone You Attach To Your Wrist


This has to be one of the best entries into Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge. Nixie is a wearable drone that with a flick of your wrist will fly, turn around, take a picture of you and then fly back to your wrist.“You should be able with a gesture to tell the quadcopter to unfold,” says Nixie team leader Christoph Kohstall. “Then it’s going to take off from your wrist. It knows where you are, it turns around, takes a picture of you, comes back. You can catch it from the air and put it back on your wrist.”

For more information on the competition and the other finalists, head on over to - Make It Wearable ChallengeSource - Digital Trends, IntelRhys MorrowSocial Strategist

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