Original Source Limited Edition - Case Study

Limited Edition Competition

Along with the United Kingdom, Poland and Indonesia. Original Source Australia took part in a campaign to promote a new Limited Edition Flavour. With New Beach Media at the helm of Original Source Australia's digital marketing, we brought this fantastic interactive campaign to the Australian consumer.The competition consisted of three new variants that we posted to the page asking the Original Source audience to like and comment on the one they wanted the most to be the next Limited Edition. Each like and comment equaled a vote for that variant and at at the end of the campaign the votes were tallied and Wild Cherry & Nettle came out on top. Wild Cherry & Nettle is set to be on the shelve later this year.Healthy KPI's were set by head office in the United Kingdom to all that were involved. Here's how we fared:

Limited Edition KPI's

Engagement from the Australian public was fantastic due to the well thought out imagery and strategic targeting of advertising and posting. Also with the added feature of asking Original Source fans their opinions on what variant should make it to the shelves. Essentially these opinions are shaping the companies future and fans really appreciate being part of this process. The campaign took on a life of it's own with fans engaging with each other (unprompted) on the page which is a benchmark of a well executed and successful campaign.The campaign also created discussion between fellow fans on what variant they wanted in their lives. The fans passion really came through in their comment. Tapping into this fan passion is an integral part of the posting process us. Original Source gained some amazing consumer insight from this campaign but most of all that the users are truly passionate about the brand and the flavours they love.Source - New Beach Media, Original Source

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