Tag lets you selectively share your location with your friends

Tag - You're It IOS App

The new IOS app "TAG" is connecting you with your friends without telling the whole world about it. TAG enables you to share your location with select friends while being able to attach a photo, message or video of you or your location. It seems like the new fun way to tell mates where you are (and eliminating possible stalkers). The app is quite easy to use with its simplistic design. Just open it up and choose you location and add a photo or video and even a message. Then all you have to do is choose who to send it too ( providing you have friends using the app of course).

Tag You're It

The question we have is this. Other than to your suggested friends, where does you photo/video go? Who else has access to your information? Can they track where you are at all times? I know it all sounds a little bit like conspiracy theory but it does get you thinking.Co-founder Aneel Ranadive says that this app could also be beneficial to brands as well. “We think [Tag] is an amazing platform for anyone with a fan base to send content privately just to their fans and let fans reply back just to the person they’re following,” Ranadive said. So this could be another platform to connect to your followers or for you to personally contact friends with your where a bouts.We think this could end up being a great addition to our ever growing app folders on our phones. All we have to do now is get some friends.Rhys MorrowSocial Media Strategist

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