The Rufus Cuff

It's not a smartwatch. It's a wrist communicator!

The Rufus Cuff - Wrist Communicator

Love the idea of a smartwatch but feel kind of silly speaking into your wrist? Don't want to give up your exceptional texting skills just yet? Well the folks at Rufus Labs have been hard at it over the last year to give you more than just a smartwatch. Introducing the Rufus Cuff. It's not a smartwatch. It's a wrist communicator.It looks like something straight off the set of Star Trek, and we think that's awesome. So lets give you all the run down. The Rufus Cuff connects to your iPhone or Android phone via bluetooth giving you complete hands free calling. If you happen to leave you smartphone behind, the cuff will alert you so you don't forget it.The Tech list:

  • Works with iPhone or Android
  • Receives voice calls & video calls
  • Can access Siri and Google Now
  • Tracks your miles, calories and steps
  • Wifi Bluetooth
  • Water resistant
  • 3" full color widescreen
  • Led vibration alerts
  • Full web browser
  • Music playlist control

The Rufus Cuff is seeking financial backing on Indiegogo and are asking like minded wearable tech users to get on board. With a pledge of $239(US) you will receive one Jet black or White Out Rufus Cuff with brushed chrome links, peg and home button. Rufus are in need of $250,000 so if you are interested then head on over to the Rufus Cuff campaign.

The Rufus Cuff (works with iPhone & Android) from rufuslabs on Vimeo.

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