Just because you can. Does not mean you should. 5 things on kickstarter that suck.

Straight up I want to say that I love Kickstarter. I really do. Some amzingideas are coming to market becasueof this platform. Even I've pledged some of my hard earned cash towards a campaign. But every now and then you come past an idea on there and think 'why'. Why would anyone want, need or even care about this invention.We'll sit back and grab the popcorn because I'm going to give you a little rundown a few Kickstarter Campaigns that I think the human race could do without.Blea Electronic Surfboard.So this terrifies me. It's not just that they have given any kook the chance to turn into a human torpedo, in the clip it looks like they are riding it in a sewer at one point. I'm predicting absolut carnage in the surf if these the water. Remember guys, this requires 'no learning curve'. If you surf then you need to see this clip. It will definitlybring up some emoition. Not any of them good.

Good things can sometimes take times...