Vote on What Twitter Word Should be Added to the Dictionary


Yep that's right. You, yes you can vote on what Twitter word is to be added to the Dictionary. The genius men and women at Collins Dictionary are calling for your help to decide on a new word to be added to the next issue.You can vote on words (that are apparently used regularly) like "gaybourhood" (gay-friendly neighbourhood, eg Castro in San Francisco). "Vaguebooking" (posting deliberately vague status updates on social media to prompt a response). Or my favourite which I do every morning "duckface" (the traditional 'pouting' facial expression in selfies). Honestly if the last one becomes a word in the Collins Dictionary, I may have to give up on humanity altogether.So get voting on the Twictionary ASAP if you want to have your say.Please don't vote for "duckface."Source: TwictionaryRhys MorrowDigital Marketing Strategist

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