Welcome to the new New Beach website

Welcome to the new New Beach website! Want some hot tips on what to think about when launching a new website?

Hi there!

Welcome to the new New Beach website. So glad you made it!

Wander around if you like and see what we have been up to. It’s been busy times, just the way we like it! On top of working on these awesome campaigns we’ve been spending quite some time doing a bit of soul searching. What kind of work inspires us, how do we want to evolve and what do we want to get better at?

After establishing these things we thought - what better way to announce the “new and improved” us, than with a shiny new website? We are a Digital Agency after all. A new website is often not a business’ priority as it’s something that can always be done later (and later and even later). Trust us, we understand.. but then again, it’s so important! Regardless of the type of business you are in its more than likely your customers are checking you out online.

Having gone through the process of initial brainstorming sessions, rounds of design concepts and content creation, I thought I’d share some insider knowledge with you.


One of the most crucial things is how you present yourself. This seems obvious but there are many things to take into consideration (do this in advance so you don’t drive your developer crazy with constant changes). What is your tone of voice, will you have a lot of images or more copy, is the design minimal or in your face. The overall look and feel of a website says so much about you and your business. Potential clients/customers should be able to find out if you’re a good match with them with not only with your product but also in personality.


It’s good place to show off! We can tell you that we’re awesome but we’d rather you find out yourself. We’ve been brainstorming about cool gifs, how to “funk up our staff page”, what to blog about and how to announce the launch via a redesigned super slick eDM. Not only do we just enjoy working on these things it also demonstrates our skills and what we can do for you.


There are so many helpful free tools out there that let you know exactly what your website is doing right and wrong! Nibbler and Woorank are my favourite! Just type in your URL and they tell you how you score in terms of SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation and mobile.

That’s it for now. We’d love to hear what you think about our new site or just click here to say hello :)

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