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An online tool designed for professional photographers. Our seamless UX and UI have reached a global audience. The client continues to go from strength to strength.




Photography, SaaS (Software as a Service)


2022 (Beta)


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The client

Unscripted is a multifaceted service for photographers looking to find leads, organise their photoshoots and run their businesses. With over 500,000 app downloads, and a focus on rapidly evolving with their customer needs, Unscripted has secured a strong foothold in the Photography SaaS market.

The challenge

Initially we were tasked with building an online directory where photographers could quickly create public portfolios and quote on jobs, bolstering the Unscripted offering by providing a lead generation platform. However, there was significant demand from the Unscripted audience for features that were common in competing services - such as gallery delivery, invoicing / billing, and collaboration tools - so our attention turned to adding these features to the web platform to substantially expand the Unscripted toolset.

The solution

The development of the platform was broken down into three major stages, with each stage informing the shape of each subsequent stage.

First included refinement of existing user experience, and creation of key features within the app.

Second was to build out back end tools to support the 500,000 strong community.

Thirdly was to create the communication between the existing and new databases to provide a seamless experience (for both photographers and their clients), and finally a complete design overhaul for a seamless brand experience. For a deeper understanding of the work, head to the Unscripted blog article here.

The results

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