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The stats are in, Roy Morgan's latest data shows 90% of Australians claim they prefer to buy Australian made products.

Australian Made wooden chopping board

It's true, Aussies love Aussie so when it comes to purchase decisions we all prefer to buy Australian Made (well 90% of us!). That's great news for us here at New Beach Media as we grow our list of Australian made products from clients which currently include Eco Food Boards, Brookfarm & Byron Bay Candles. We'll be recommending to all our local clients to optimise SEO and social to reflect this trend by making sure we include the search terms 'Australian Made' in descriptions and tags, a great way to capitalise on this trend.

Not surprisingly and in equal second place, we find our nearest neighbours New Zealand with 60%, up +7 percentage points from 2014 and the UK with 60%, up +5 percentage points.

Source: Roy Morgan

As consumers, our demand for product transparency from brands is growing year on year. No longer are we expected to just accept that the most affordable option on the market to purchase is 'Made in China.' China is still Australia's biggest trade partner with worth almost $195 billion in 2017/2018 nearly that of all remaining top 3 trade countries combined, Japan ($78 billion), USA ($70 billion) and South Korea ($52 billion), however, it's clear that the demand to move away from prodcuts made in China is high.

In fact, regardless of the Free Trade Agreement with China in 2015 which has attributed to most of the trade value with China, Australians are actually shifting away from the Chinese market with all products bought preferred to be Australian, even Electrical Goods and Motor Vehicles. Considering most of Australia's car manufacturing ended in 2017, there is a clear consumer demand for vehicles which doesn't appear to be going anywhere!

Source: Roy Morgan

So what does that mean for our clients? We'll be updating SEO, social pages and any communications from the brand to capaitlise on this trend. Lucky for us it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

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